Tuning Quality, District, fees & Discounts.

Tuning Quality.

When Guus van den Braak tunes your piano, he does the best possible tuning, regardless of how good your piano is or your hearing.

There are good reasons for this.

  • You are paying for first class service; you might as well get it.
  • Naturally, you want to have your piano sound as good as possible and have it stay in tune as long as possible.
  • Even if you are a beginner, have a mediocre or good hearing, or are "tone-deaf", you still get a first class tuning because you need to develop and improve your hearing.  You may have a friend or piano teacher who is a very good player and who has very good hearing.
  • Guus van den Braak protects his reputation and wants to be sure that every pianist, from beginner to professional, is satisfied.  He cannot do this if his standard of work is not of the highest standard.


Guus van den Braak provides services in all Adelaide suburbs including Adelaide hills, Mt.Barker, Strathalbyn, Victor Harbor, Murray Bridge and surrounding country areas.

Country areas may cost more to cover travel expenses if traveling for just one piano tuning, or they may remain the same local standard fees if there are more pianos to be tuned on the same trip.

Fees and Discounts.

Guus van den Braak charges $190 inclusive GST for the first tuning.  Subsequent tunings within one calendar year are discounted.  Clients, who remain loyal and have their piano retuned within one year by Guus van den Braak, will receive a discount.  Your calendar year would start as from the first tuning date.  The more tunings in a year, the more discount received.

Multiple Discounts.

If you refer new clients, we will reward you with a $5 bonus voucher for each referral, which can be redeemed for any services, purchases of parts and accessories provided by us.  These services are extended to instruments of the violin family.  Your referrals will remain your referral.  No other person can refer your referral.   Every time your referrals have their pianos re-tuned by us, you are entitled to a $5 discount per referral tuning.  Your referrals and discount vouchers will be recorded on our database and each time your piano is tuned, the discounts will automatically apply.  Each voucher has an expiry date of 12 months as from the referral date of tuning.  By accumulating referrals, it will become cheaper to have your valuable instrument tuned and serviced.  For example, if you have 5 referrals and each had their pianos tuned twice a year, you would entitled to 10 Referral Bonus Vouchers worth in total $50.  Having your own piano tuned for the second time within the calendar year, you would pay only $185 - $50 = $135.  Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.  In the case of a tuning fee increase, the tuning fees of your current Loyalty Plan will remain locked in for that 12-month period.

In addition to the above-mentioned Loyalty Plan rates and referrals, a further $5 discount is applicable to all Pensioners and Health Care cardholders.


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